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♡ For Lu Han’s birthday this year, April 20, many of his fansites are doing really brilliant projects to make this special day the most joyful one for this special boy. Below is a list of  projects by different fansites that us, international fans, can participate in. Let’s all give our best support to these fansites and make their projects successful as they can be. (Please note this is not a complete list of all birthday projects . The list will be updated as more projects come around)


Full notice: [English] [Chinese] [Korean] [Japanese]
✧ Write Lu Han a birthday wish here. Messages can be in English, Chinese or Japanese.
✧ Please give your support to RAINDROP’s birthday project by donating. Info for donations can be found in the notice. Deadline for donations is Arpil 10.
✧ RAINDROP is also willing to deliver your gifts and letters to Lu Han, please contact 19900420com@gmail.com for delivery address. Please note the deadline for sending gifts and letters is April 10.
♦ Please contact RAINDROP if you have questions: [email: 19900420com@gmail.com] [Q&A board] [twitter] [weibo]

LUVELY DAY- Dear My Deer

Full notice: [English] [Korean] [Chinese] [Japanese]
✧ DMD is collecting birthday messages to make a special message book for Lu Han. You can write your birthday wish for him here. Messages can be written in English, Korea or Chinese. Deadline for sending messages is April 10.
✧ Another part of LUVELY DAY project is pictures of the heart, DMD is also asking you to send in photos of a heart taken by you; be it a drawing, a handmade heart shaped card, just anything with a heart symbol on it will be all appreciated. Short handwritten messages are also being collected as well. Here are a few examples of how your pictures should look like, provided by DMD [1], [2]. Please email your photos to xoxoexo@hanmail.net by April 10.
✧ As any other birthday projects, donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.  DMD will be collecting donations from February 13 to April 13. They will also have special gifts for those who donate a certain amount. Please visit this link for more info on donations (3rd section)
✧ Lastly, if you wish to send Lu Han gifts and letters, DMD will help you deliver them, please send an email including your name/a general description of your gift/your contact information to xoxoexo@hanmail.net for delivery address. Deadline for sending gifts and letters is April 13.
♦ Got questions? Please contact DMD at any of the followings: [email: xoxoexo@hanamil.net] [Q&A board] [twitter] [weibo]

Lu Han Birthday Event ‘Postcard Collection’ - LUcky0420

✧ Full post by LUcky0420 can be found here (scroll down for English version).
✧ LUcky0420 will be collecting postcards with birthday wishes from all around the world starting from March 5 to March 30 to present to Lu Han as a gift, showing him that he is loved and supported not only in Korea or China but everywhere in the world. Please send postcards that have pictures of your city or any tourist attraction in your country. Check here for the address to send your postcard.
♦ Contact LUcky0420 if you are unsure about anything: [email: lucky_luhan@163.com] [twitter] [weibo]

ToLu - TrustLuHan

Info post.
✧ Leave your birthday wish here.
✧ TrustLuHan is also collecting fanarts of the name ‘Lu Han’. Fanarts of any form are all welcome; however, the size of your picture has to be at least 400px x 600px. Please send your fanarts to trustluhan@hotmail.com.

♔ Love U - Oh!My Boy

'Tell LUHAN I Love You' - Voice Messages Collection
Full info post: [English] [Chinese]
✧ Use this app to send your voice message to Lu Han, tell him you love him and wish him a very happy birthday. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the info post. Deadline to send voice messages is March 31st.
✧ Contact Oh!My Boy if you have questions: [email: loveu@oh-luhan.com] [weibo] [twitter]
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